I’m Judith, and I want to welcome you to this nook where you can know me beyond my portfolio.

I born in the winter of 90, in Jumilla (Murcia). I lived in Alicante since I was 18 years. I’m impatient and impulsive, but relaxed look. I love travel, I have been the luck of travel 19 countries in Europe, America and Africa till the date, and my dream is continue to increase the list. I am very fanatic of asiatic food, especially the sushi. Every time I like more photography, lately my Canon accompanies me everywhere! I can’t stop of listening music, my 5 years of Spotify premium subscription support me, although there is nothing better than live music (I confess to having had a groupie past!)

I prefer the tea before the coffee, the city before the mountain, a dinner at home and cinema before a night in a disco. I like to drive, and my favorite means of transportation is by plane.

I’m iPhone-dependent, my social network favourite is instagram and I can’t live without 3G. I collect photo albums of all my travels since 2014 and my favourite word is wanderlust.